EP Review: The Horse – Renny Conti

Just six months after the release of his first LP, New York based artist Renny Conti will return on March 29 with his new EP, The Horse. An early look at the EP thanks to Urban Scandal Records reveals how immensely Conti has grown as an artist in such a short amount of time. Spanning five tracks, The Horse ranges from his familiar sedated style to more upbeat alternative sounds.

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Album Review: Berkeley’s On Fire – SWMRS

On February 15, 2019, SWMRS released their sophomore album, Berkeley’s On Fire. Three years after the Oakland punk band signed to the record label Fueled By Ramen and re released their debut album, Drive North, SWMRS has had lots of time to craft new tracks and cultivate the new era of their music. Since 2016, SWMRS has only grown, amassing a larger and larger fan base that shows no signs of plateauing. Berkeley’s On Fire is an album that ranges from protest anthems, to mellow acoustic, to experimental sounds, all in just ten tracks.

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Bay Area Punks: How SWMRS and Other Bands Helped Me to Embrace Northern California

2018 marks the third year that Oakland-based punk band, SWMRS, has celebrated Uncool Halloween. Named after their record label, Uncool Records, and a song off of their album Drive North, Uncool Halloween has been a treat for Bay Area fans and Halloween enthusiasts alike. This year, Uncool Halloween III was Harry Potter themed, with floating candles and dragons decorating Berkeley’s UC Theater. October 27, 2018, was a night to remember full of great music, creative costumes, and an awesome lineup of Small Crush, Destroy Boys, Beach Goons, Mt. Eddy, Bleached, and SWMRS.

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Album Review: Make Room – Destroy Boys

Deafening guitar solos. 30 Seconds of Shit. Sad boys standing on the edge of the pit while the girls mosh. Yelling the lyrics to “American River” as catharsis for school induced stress. Alexia navigating through the crowd as she sings “Cattywampus”. These are just some of the aspects that make up a great Destroy Boys show. We have long awaited the day that their recordings would catch up to the magnitude of their energetic and unifying live performances.

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